What do we teach in a Krav Maga class

Tactics, techniques and mindset. 

You can leave your first class with simple effective skills that really work. Everything we teach has to work with your instincts and under pressure.

Train for a month and you will have a focused set of skills that allow you to move, fight and manage conflict. Keep training and we will continue building up levels of sophistication, adding weapon defences and helping you build a flexible combat style that suits you individually. 

How does Kinetic Zen teach Krav Maga? We speak softly, teach with empathy and train you for chaos. 

How do you want to start?

How can Krav Maga London help today? Would you like to learn a martial art or self defence system like JiuJitsu or Krav Maga? Whether you are an absolute beginner or a veteran you will find other people just like you in class and be welcomed to train with us. Some practitioners tell us they started because they they wanted to feel safer walking around, some just love the strength and balance that comes from training martial arts.

We blend modern coaching principles, with a relentless focus on honing our techniques and skills to deliver self defence optimised for you. Our blend of deescalation skills, combatives and grappling are taken not just from Krav Maga and Jiu Jitsu but were appropriate from boxing, Muay Thai and Judo.

Located in Islington near Old Street, Angel, Farringdon and Moorgate stations, we train 7 days a week and welcome new students.

We are 360 Krav Maga London

Network Founder Alan Predolin

Alan Predolin

At 360 Krav Maga, we’re redefining the approach to self-defense training. Our focus extends beyond conventional self-defense techniques, diving into the cultivation of robust fighting skills suitable for students of all ages. Our mission is to empower individuals not just with self-defense tactics, but with comprehensive fighting skills that enhance their sense of safety and overall well-being.

Rooted in Krav Maga, our system has evolved in the rich martial arts culture of California, integrating elements of Jiu-Jitsu, Thai boxing, wrestling, and MMA. This fusion has shaped a distinctive training method that prioritizes the development of versatile combat abilities, both standing and on the ground, adaptable to real-world self-defense scenarios.

Krav Maga London - Kinetic Zen combat academy

What are you looking for in martial arts and self defence?

Krav Maga Islington
Is Judo good for self defence

A Krav Maga club for the 'real' world

Krav is known as the ultimate real world combat form. However its origins are military and we live in a society with societal rules and norms, so it needs to be adapted. At it’s heart Krav is built on continual learning so inherent in its foundation is a willingness to be agile to the situation and what works.

be agile, adapt

Our coaching team have spent many tens of thousands of hours studying a range of martial arts before turning to Krav. We believe that a blend of traditional and modern techniques tied together within the Krav framework is the optimal solution for self defence in the modern world.

learn together
be better

So we are a self defence school, we study Krav Maga and grade under internationally acclaimed 360 Krav Maga founded by Alan Predolin.

However, we also love to find and work with great instructors from other disciplines to bring their perspectives and skills into our system. Building the best Krav Maga London school needs us to have no ego and learn from the best of other systems too.  Our team also have coaching qualifications in BJJ, Judo and Western Boxing.

Zen and Krav Maga?

Krav Maga is a fast and efficient system to teach people of any size, gender or innate ability to manage conflict. Kinetic Zen Krav Maga London emphasises walking and talking your way out of trouble as much as physical combat skills. Your mind is the most powerful tool you have and we aim to train it as much as your muscles. Kinetic Zen is about finding the Zen of inner peace, mental resilience and happiness through focused movement. Our goal at the Kinetic Zen combat academy is to enable students to feel safe and confident. And it’s fun and you can get fit. Why not? And if not now then when?

Krav Maga London prices

Running a school in zone 1 with a nice big open and airy space is not cheap. (At least twice as expensive as running the same space in zone 4-6). We know everybody is struggling so we have a policy of no mandatory price rises for active members. Most of our competitors have taken their pricing pages down at some point this year, but we are not aware of anybody charging less than £75 per month and most fight gyms are considerably more. We try very hard to keep our Krav Maga London prices reasonable and have strong discounts for students, armed forces and emergency services.

Krav Maga London success

You probably have questions: If you just want to know where and how much Krav Maga costs. Maybe you would like to know what is Krav Maga? Why is it called Kinetic Zen and what is the Kinetic Fight Academy? The Kinetic is all about our emphasis on explosive movement and an the scientific and analytical side of our approach to coaching. The Zen is about the focused and calm approach that we take to teaching an inherently chaotic topic.  

Something else a lot of people ask us about is self defence tips for women and why we don’t currently have women only Krav Maga classes. That one is simple really, the 50% of our community and our management team who are women quite like training with men in a respectful, mutually supportive environment full of kinetic zen coaches.

Tailored teaching to your goals

Aisha JW
Aisha JW
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This is my first experience of doing a martial art and it honestly couldn’t have been a better one. Great sessions, safe environment and a supportive community. Plenty of lesson times to choose from throughout the week and what we learn in each lesson is invaluable, would recommend to all!
Dan Wilson-Vaughan
Dan Wilson-Vaughan
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Amazing coaching, fantastic conditioning and a great place to learn and build skills no matter if you are a beginner or more advanced. Adrian puts you instantly at ease and tailors teaching to individual needs (even in a group setting). Highly highly recommended for anyone wanting to learn Krav Maga, get fit and meet a great group of people.
Lisanna Neumann
Lisanna Neumann
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I have really enjoyed training with Kinetic Zen since I joined. The trainers are knowledgeable and patient, which makes for a positive, respectful environment where I feel I have learned so much already. I would recommend to anyone!

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Krav Maga in London Islington with added BJJ, Judo and kickboxing

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