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Krav Maga coach Adrian Jackson
Head Coach

My name is Adrian and I am the head coach of Kinetic Zen Krav Maga. As a group we train Krav, Judo, BJJ and kickboxing, and want to build a constructive and supportive environment for you to find your perfect system.

Since I was a young lad, martial arts and combat sports have been a source of calm, focus and zen. I started teaching because I loved sharing that experience. Watching students sense of confidence and self reliance grow alongside their physical skills is a tremendous privilege. 

What really matters of course is who you want to be?  And can we help you? 

Who are 360 Krav Maga Global Network

Founded by Alan Predolin 360 Krav Maga believes that constant movement and evolution is life for any modern system.  We love Alan not just because he is a seriously impressive martial artist in his own right (with a host of impressive accolades and achievements) but because of his love of questions and dedication to helping everybody around him be more Krav Maga.

The team

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A few years back some friends started talking about building our own martial arts school. We wanted it to be fun, we wanted it to be challenging and we wanted to be open to exploring new techniques. Self defence systems that refuse to evolve adapt and learn get stale fast.

We believe that a great system has to have simple and clear guiding principles because fighting is complicated and chaotic. Kinetic Zen started small and community focused. As our coaching staff and members expand we want to keep that vibe and that sense of purpose.

Our Krav Maga instructors were trained by Institute of Krav Maga, Krav Maga Israel and 360 Krav Maga. The team also have assorted black belts and teaching qualifications in Judo, BJJ, boxing and a host of other systems.  We believe in always learning, testing ourselves and finding cool stuff to share with our community.

who are we
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just like you

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