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We are delighted you are thinking about joining us for some regular training. Our goal is to train hard together, get better and have fun. The only real hard and fast rule is leave your ego at the door!

2024 Membership

Rolling memberships run for a whole month and renew on the same day a month later. 

In your first two months if you decide not to renew please just let us know at least 48 hours before it renews.

We know it’s tough out there right now, so if you are struggling please do reach out.

No joining fee

Unlimited Membership

£ 74 per Month
  • Unlimited classes
  • Goal Planning
  • Kit discount

Up to 8 lessons P/M

£ 65 per Month
  • Easy booking
  • Up to 2 SINGLE classes per week
  • No Gi BJJ - no uniform required

*we offer discounted pricing for first responders and students, please contact us for details

Prices are valid for new memberships until 30th April 2024. Join before then and lock in the old prices for a year.

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Please select your membership type to join Krav Maga club Kinetic Zen. The payment button is on the confirmation page and we will get in touch shortly to add you to the club coms and answer any questions you have.

Key terms and conditions

Safety is our top priority. Instructors and club management can stop training at any point if we believe that your safety will be impacted. If you have any questions about our community standards please shout.

We want to be as inclusive as possible and keep the environment positive for everybody. If you have any health or safety issues talk to us.

If circumstances change, cancellation is easy and and our support team will try to respond to requests within two working days. We cannot however offer refunds against services that are already in progress.  We ask for a month’s notice. Please help us help you. 🙂

More details on cancellation policy here

Class Schedule

BJJ - Grappling fundamentals
Krav fundamentals (double class)
Krav intermediate
BJJ - Grappling fundamentals
Krav fundamentals
Krav striking skills (lvl2)
Krav advanced
Krav groundlab (double class)
Join Krav Maga club

We are a small team rather than a large corporate entity and we spend some of our time sleeping and training as well as teaching.  Having said that, the goal is to respond to all queries, comments and requests within a couple of hours during working time and in the worst case we have never taken more than 48 hours to respond to reasonable requests.

If you aren’t ready to start training regularly with us and just want a one off taster class, you can book here>>>