Is Krav Maga a martial art

Is Krav Mag a martial art

Krav Maga Martial Arts Training Understanding the Differences Between Combat Sports, Self-Defense, and Martial Arts

The world of combat training is often shrouded in misconceptions and confusion, with terms like martial arts, self-defense, and combat sports used interchangeably. While they may share some similarities, there are distinct differences between these disciplines.

Combat sports

In combat sports, the focus is on competition and rule-bound sparring. Athletes train to excel in a specific sport, such as boxing, wrestling, or mixed martial arts, adhering to a defined set of rules and regulations. The primary goal is to win or achieve a higher ranking within the sport’s competitive structure.


Self-defence emphasizes practical techniques for real-world situations, where the primary goal is to escape or neutralize a threat. It focuses on de-escalation, situational awareness, and practical skills that can be applied in an unexpected attack. Unlike combat sports, self-defense does not involve rule-bound sparring or competition.

Martial Arts

Martial arts encompass a broader spectrum of disciplines, often rooted in historical traditions and philosophies. They may incorporate elements of combat, self-defense, physical fitness, and even spiritual development. Martial arts often emphasize discipline, self-control, and personal growth, extending beyond the physical aspects of combat.

Key Differences

  • Objective: Combat sports focus on competition and winning, self-defense prioritizes survival and escape, and martial arts encompass a broader range of objectives, including combat, self-defense, personal growth, and spiritual development.

  • Rules and Restrictions: Combat sports adhere to a defined set of rules and regulations, self-defense emphasizes practical techniques for real-world scenarios, and martial arts may have varying levels of rules depending on the specific discipline.

  • Training Emphasis: Combat sports training focuses on competition-specific techniques and strategies, self-defense training emphasizes practical and instinctive reactions, and martial arts training may incorporate a broader range of techniques, including combat, self-defense, and non-physical aspects.

  • Sparring and Competition: Combat sports involve regular sparring and competitive events, self-defense may incorporate sparring for training purposes, and martial arts may have varying levels of sparring and competition depending on the specific discipline.

So What is Krav Maga

Krav Maga is a self-defence system developed for the Israeli military, combining practical techniques from various martial arts disciplines. It emphasizes instinctive reactions, situational awareness, and neutralizing threats quickly and effectively. While Krav Maga has evolved to include competitive elements, its core remains rooted in self-defence principles. It also has a belt system and requires regular training to progress, so what is it?

Training Krav Maga will feel a lot like both a combat sport and a martial art. Instructors believe that the end goal is to make sure students are ready in case challenge knocks on their door. So good Krav Maga instructors are constantly testing their skills to make sure what they teach works. A lot of schools have MMA programmes or MMA style training as a result. But ultimately everybody’s journey is their own and hence much like a martial art their will be a recognition that individuals will progress at their own pace and there is no competitive pressure to be better than your peers.

In conclusion Krav is a hybrid

Combat sports, self-defense, and martial arts are distinct disciplines with unique objectives, rules, training approaches, and sparring practices. Understanding these differences helps individuals choose the training best suited to their goals, whether it’s competing in a combat sport, preparing for real-world threats, or pursuing personal growth through martial arts. Which one is right for you?  Try a few and find out.  If you are in central London why not come have a look at our BJJ or Krav Maga programmes. 🙂