Privacy and protecting your data

Who is responsible for privacy and protecting your data​

The owner, founder and head coach Adrian is also the DPO. If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch using our contact page.

We aim to respond to all queries within 24hrs. If it takes longer please check your spam folder. Thank you

What we do with your data

We are a very small business and the chief data protection officer and head coach are the same person. We have neither the intention nor the capability to do anything much at all with your data. Contact us or buy something and we use that data to answer the question or do what we promised. If we get a bit cleverer we will get in touch to offer other similar products. We won’t sell your data or let other companies spam you.

Future plans

When we get a bit more organised we will try and track how our content is being shared. Nefarious plans for global domination are off the menu for now. (We will be sure to get back to you if this changes)

Your rights

Want to check and change data we hold? Let us know with the contact form and we will get it done. Feel that we have some of your data and would like us to stop having it? Let us know using the contact form and we will confirm we have done that before self destructing.

Data storage

We will do our very best to keep any data we have safe and sound. If something goes wrong or any service we rely on has a booboo we will let you know.

Full disclosure: our clothing store has its own systems and privacy policy but they seem like good folk.


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