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Book a Krav Maga trial class because

Training any martial art with like minded people can be great exercise for body and mind and hugely rewarding fun. Krav Maga is a very modern system which focuses on results and outcomes for ordinary people of all shapes and sizes. We believe that respect for our students is more important than respect for ancient traditions and promise to work with you to find learning and training styles that suit you as an individual.

What do I need to start training Krav Maga

For your trial class all you need is comfortable athletic clothes and a bottle of water.  You dont need any previous experience or to be in great shape (although we can cater to those with Krav or other martial arts background). 

When you have been training a while you may want some boxing gloves and kickboxing shinguards, but you can get started without buying lots of kit. (Dont let us stop you if you really want to treat yourself to some beautiful gloves though)

Give me specifics... what will we learn in the class?

Variety is the spice of life and no two classes are exactly the same, but there are fundamentals we focus on:

  • How to use stance and posture to try and safely talk your way out of trouble.
  • Quick and efficient approaches to striking. Especially in a real world context with rules and no weight categories
  • Strategies for de escalation and threat assessment.
  • Practical solutions for dealing with headlocks and other unwanted grabs. You cant run if you cant make them let you go!
  • (On Tuesdays we also cover how to fight your way up off the ground safely)

bOOK a Trial class only £10

Join the club within 7 days of your trial class and we add £10 credit to your account 

Take the first step and book a class. We recommend the Tuesday or Thursday evening classes as a first class, but if you really want to start somewhere else the complete class schedule is below. Let us know. We offer discounts for police, military, paramedics and nurses, if that’s you get in touch.

We respond to all messages within 24 hours and usually much faster. If you don’t hear back from us maybe check your spam folder or drop us a line, the fastest way to reach us with any question whatsoever is via WhatsApp:

We will be in touch to confirm your booking and answer any questions you have about the session


Terms and conditions:
This booking is for the person named in the booking only. Krav Maga classes are intended for grown ups. (Find out more about our kids programme here)

Please let us know if you cannot make it with plenty of warning and we will help you find a new date and time. No show is a cancellation. No refunds for cancellations.

Please try to be on time for your class. If you get stuck drop us a line.

Safety is always our priority and behaviour in class is expected to meet reasonable standards as determined by our friendly and capable instructors.

What is a class like?

There are no strange rituals or traditions. Our goal is to answer your questions about Krav Maga and help you learn simple highly useful skills and tactics in a fun and supportive environment. The aim of the class is to give you a feeling for how Krav works and why it’s such a great system. Train for a month and we are told by our students they feel a massive difference in how they move and feel.

Is Krav Maga for you? ​

Krav Maga is a modern pragmatic self defence system. Feel safer and stronger very quickly. One evening, turn up at the studio and give it a try.

We believe in teaching with calm, patience and empathy and our classes are designed to build confidence.

If you already have skills from another system we will show you how to build them into the Krav framework.

If you have no previous experience our approach to learning quickly and intuitively will allow you to build skills fast.

krav maga self defence expert instructor

Not ready to book Krav Maga trial yet?  If you still have questions contact us. If you would like to see some more photos of what a Krav Maga class looks like click here 

BJJ - Grappling fundamentals
Krav fundamentals (double class)
Krav intermediate
BJJ - Grappling fundamentals
Krav fundamentals
Krav striking skills (lvl2)
Krav advanced
Krav groundlab (double class)