Krav Maga pricing and Schedule

We don’t charge a joining fee or insist you buy our uniform. Our Krav Maga pricing is simple and plain to see with generous discounts for students, soldiers and emergency services. You can book a first Krav Maga lesson or have a look at our Krav Maga instructors and the rest of the team. If you are not sure what is Krav Maga or just have questions about our teaching methodology or anything else, we are always glad to hear from you and we answer most queries within hours.

9 Classes per week!

The regular schedule available to all adult students is below.  Fundamentals classes are designed to be accessible to complete beginners but are also popular with our more advanced students.  

BJJ - Grappling fundamentals
Krav fundamentals (double class)
Krav intermediate
BJJ - Grappling fundamentals
Krav fundamentals
Krav striking skills (lvl2)
Krav advanced
Krav groundlab (double class)
Free Krav Maga class
Krav fundamentals class
Krav Maga blog
Krav Groundlab class
JiuJitsu class
JiuJitsu class
Krav Maga kickboxing
Krav striking skills (lvl2)

This is the adult class schedule. More information about our current children’s martial arts class is available here 

Pricing and schedule so you can train as much as you want

Pricing and Schedule

Members can attend as many classes as they want, no booking required. A lot of krav clubs won’t tell you about their pricing and schedule publicly.  Its not easy right now keeping prices reasonable and while we do our best, if you need help please shout.

New classes get added regularly so check back in or contact us if you don’t see what you were looking for.

How much is membership?

The rolling monthly unlimited membership gives full access to all of our classes and first priority on any events we run.

Unlimited Membership

£ 74 per Month
  • Unlimited classes
  • Goal Planning
  • Kit discount

JiuJitsu only

£ 65 per Month
  • Easy booking
  • Up to 2 classes per week
  • No Gi BJJ - no uniform required

* We offer discounted pricing for first responders, military and students, please contact us for details.

** Prices are valid for until 1st April 2024. (Sign up before then and we will lock your prices for at least 12 months)

Anything else I NEED to know?

Any questions, please just drop us a line on WhatsApp:

Friends and Family policy – want to bring someone to class? No problem and no charge (for occasional visitors). Just drop me a line to let me know when you are bringing them. 

Cancellation policy – if you need to suspend or cancel your membership, no problem, just give us four weeks notice and we will stop your renewal. 

Referral thank you policy – if you introduce a friend who subscribes as a gesture of thanks have 30% off both of your month’s membership.