What are the belt ranks

The approach taken by our head instructor Alan Predolin to Krav Maga ranks and grading is a little different to some more traditional schools. We have the fairly standard 7 adult belt ranks from white to black. Progress in our system though isn’t about learning a new set of techniques for each belt. Instead we want you to progressively develop skills and capabilities.  Each belt becomes an opportunity for you to test all the hard work and training in class and find out if you have reached your next level.

Krav Maga grading

When am I ready to grade?​

There are no time requirements. Its not about how many classes you attend, its about your readiness to face the next test. Below I have posted links to the examiners guidance notes for the first few belts. If you have questions about the material, your training needs or your readiness just ask. There are no taboos. We want you to be the best you can be and we are here to support your journey.

Krav Maga ranks and grading

There is no end result. Even our toughest and most skilled black belts are always striving to improve, identify weaknesses and learn new things. Our goal with training is to rapidly build a basic set of skills that will serve you well under pressure. As you develop we will add detail and seek to build your ability to fight at all ranges and under the most challenging of circumstances. Everything you learn as a white belt will continue to be useful as your skills grow.

The belt criteria​


Demonstrate confident use of stances with movement, footwork and tactical awareness. Be aware of options and threats at different ranges. Be capable of choosing and executing strikes with a good variety of techniques in all directions and applicable ranges. Show ability to attack, fall safely, stand up under pressure and renew the attack.


Building on the yellow belt skills and adding defensive options and more fluidity. As well as striking the student should now have the ability to use throws, sweeps and other attacks against balance to manage a fight. Basic defences against sticks and knives should be confidently employed.


The end of the beginning. Integration of offensive and defensive capabilities at all ranges including grappling and ground. An ability to deal with weapon attacks empty handed or with improvised weapons. A greater focus on tactics and dealing with attacks from a very vulnerable position. Able to spar light and moving like a competent fighter. 


Gateway to senior grades. Capable of fighting at all ranges and on the ground in good and bad positions. Able to combine striking and grappling and transition seamlessly. Capable defence against all three weapon systems with sound decision making under pressure.