Alan Predolin tour

28-30 October 2023

Kinetic Zen were proud to welcome and host the world renowned founder of the 360 network Alan Predolin. He was in London for a weekend of masterclasses, coaching development and a founder level intro to the unique 360 Krav Maga system.

Alan’s understanding of violence and how to teach effective responses is second to none. This was a first time ever opportunity to spend some time with the former elite paratrooper and experience the eye opening development that is set to shape the future of non military Krav.

After a very intense three days of reviewing our training curriculum and approach to Krav Maga we are ready to take Krav Maga in London to new levels.

Over 30 years of training I have had several truly superb coaches. Alan completely changed my perspective on Krav Maga
Adrian Jackson
Founder Kinetic Zen


Owner and Chief Instructor of 360 Krav Maga

Alan Predolin

Alan is from Vicenza, Italy. At the age of 21, he served in a special unit of the Italian Airborne. In 1995 while in Israel, Alan had his first exposure to Krav Maga. In 1996 he moved to the US and joined the US Army, where he was in the 82nd Airborne.

In 1997, he and a partner started the first official Hand to Hand Course in the US Army Airborne Division after attending a Close Combat Instructor Course at The U.S. Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School (SWCS) .

At the end of 1999, Alan got out of Active Duty and started training Krav Maga full-time in New York. In 2001, Alan attended the Krav Maga Instructor Course under Haim Zut, which was recognized by the Wingate Sports Institute in Israel.

In 2003, Alan moved to Los Angeles and started teaching at the Krav Maga Worldwide HQ where he led regular classes as well as Train the Trainer classes for both civilians and Law Enforcement. In 2003 he also started teaching in Long Beach, CA and opened 360 Krav Maga Academy. After a few years teaching at KMW he met Eyal Yanilov, successor of Imi Lichtenfeld – Founder of Krav Maga.

After continuing to train under Eyal, Alan was appointed Director of International Krav Maga Federation North America and then Director of Krav Maga Global North America. Eyal also awarded him the rank of Expert 2.

Alan currently resides in Long Beach, CA with his daughter, son and wife. He continues to teach at 360 HQ as well as seminars and courses worldwide. 

Timetable of events



360 Krav Maga training with Alan (all levels)



lunch break



Coaching in 360 Krav Maga workshop



Club social and dinner (all welcome)



Senior Grading



360 Krav Maga master class (experienced martial artists)