Join Krav Maga yellow belt challenge

(or something more senior if you are ready?)

Krav Maga yellow belt challenge

(Available until end November)

We are delighted you are thinking about joining our Krav Maga yellow belt challenge. The first Krav Maga belt is a Quickstart goal for you to build your self defence knowledge and confidence in the quickest and most pragmatic way possible. We run them several times a year and they consist of a short burst of moderately intensive training to help you through the yellow belt test.  Don’t just try Krav Maga, earn your first belt.

Talk to us if you want to try for Orange or above

If you have trained Krav before or reached a high level in another system we won’t make you start at the very beginning. Talk to us and we will find the challenge that is right for you.

Special Membership package​

£115 for unlimited training up until the January belt test including your belt grading 

Our normal membership is a rolling month and of course you can do that too.

The idea of the Krav Maga yellow belt challenge is a single payment that commits you no further than your belt test end January 2023. You get membership until end January 2024 and the belt test with no extra charges. 

Want to continue then we can switch you to another regular membership. If not, a useful life skill and a chance to earn a shiny new belt and no further commitment.

What does a yellow belt know how to do?

Manage your personal safety using our semi passive stance while you talk your way our of trouble. Fight explosively at all contact ranges if needed. Get back up off the ground under pressure if you need to.

For more details about the belt curriculum click here

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Class Schedule

Grappling fundamentals (BJJ)
Krav fundamentals (double class)
Krav intermediate (lvl2)
Krav fundamentals
Krav striking skills (gloves required)
Krav intermediate (lvl2)
Krav groundlab (double class)
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