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Kinetic Zen Krav Maga on ITV News at ten

Heartbreaking story about institutional failure and obviously London deserves better Policing. Great to see our students training hard and talking honestly and eloquently about what self defence and Krav Maga mean to them.

How can Kinetic Zen Krav Maga help?

Krav Maga London success

Krav Maga is often regarded as a fierce and perhaps ugly but effective fighting methodology. This may even be true but it misses the basic point that our entire goal is to help you avoid suffering violence or threat. Certainly anybody who has trained with us will tell you that the environment and the experience in class is anything but ugly. If you would like a peek at our training sessions, here are some photos of Krav Maga training. If you would like to see when we train and how much Krav Maga costs

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Is Krav Mag a martial art

Is Krav Maga a martial art

Is Krav Maga a martial art Krav Maga Martial Arts Training Understanding the Differences Between Combat Sports, Self-Defense, and Martial Arts The world of combat

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Self defence for women

Self Defence Tips for Women

Self defence should be about confidence and happiness Firstly, its never your fault if someone attacks you. Lets start by taking all the victim blaming

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Women's Self Defence

Women’s self defence

Do you teach womens self defence? Yes we do teach self defence for women. Just over half the club are women. Enthusiasm for training hard

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Krav Maga

What is Krav Maga

The short answer to what is Krav Maga: It is a system (originally developed in Israel) for surviving violent confrontations. Lots of martial easy on

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