Self Defence Tips for Women

Self defence for women

Self defence should be about confidence and happiness

Firstly, its never your fault if someone attacks you. Lets start by taking all the victim blaming and throwing that garbage away right now. In a modern society you have a reasonable right and an expectation to go about your daily life wearing what you like and being who you are without suffering violence. However sometimes bad thing happen or you meet people who are not reasonable modern human beings.

The primary goal of self defence then should not be about limiting your life, or your behaviours. The goal should be about building a stronger more phsically capable and tactically aware version of you and having fun doing it. Classes should be something you look forward to and feel invigorated by. 

Women often feel unsafe in public spaces, especially when traveling alone at night. The best way to stay safe is to learn to trust your instincts and develop the skills and mindset to confidently and non confrontationally deal with problems before they develop.

Know your limits

Dont feel like you have to solve other people’s problems or engage with their bad behaviour. Be polite if possible, but firm and remember no is a complete sentence. You dont have to explain or justify your choices and you certainly dont have to stay and engage with someone who makes you uncomfortable. Movement is the key to all combat and keeping moving away from something you don’t like is rarely a bad choice. Dont forget to explicity ask for help from passers by if they are about. They dont need to get involved personally but calling the police or security is a low cost ask.

Have a Plan B

I like to always have a plan B and know what I am going to do if something doesnt work out. Having a spare set of keys with a trusted neighbour, having a backup credit card in another pocket in case I lose my wallet. Having another route to my destination if I dont like the vibe on the one I am using. Having a friend you can call if you need some moral or phsical support.

Take Care of Yourself First

If you are being harassed, assaulted, or threatened, call 999 immediately. Ideally make sure you can describe where you are quickly and esily to the emergency operator. In a big city like London they will arrive quickly and in force if you spell out clearly what your imminent threat is. Always try and disengage if possible and try to be clear firm and unemotional if you can.

You have a responsibility to see you and yours safe if possible. You don’t have to engage with other people’s bad behaviour if its not safe to.

Want to join a class to learn self defence for women

Obviously you are welcome to come train Krav Maga with us if convenient. If you need to find another school near you, here are some tips:

  1. Talk to the main instructors and make sure you like the way they talk to their students and interact with you.
  2. Look at the senior students and ask yourself if you would like to look and move like them.
  3. Make sure they have classes in a time and place you could reasonably attend on a weekly basis.
  4. If you can try and understand the goals of the school and the system and see if they match what you want.

Be happy and shout if you have questions or want advice.

Thanks for reading Self Defence tips for women