Women’s self defence

Do you teach womens self defence?

Yes we do teach self defence for women. Just over half the club are women. Enthusiasm for training hard and the skills on display are evenly distributed.

Women's Self Defence

Is Krav Maga Effective for Women?

Krav Maga started from the need to quickly teach anybody to survive and escape a violent encounter. The Israeli military studied what worked and didn’t and refined the system for maximum efficiency. Imi Lichtenfeld’s civilian version added emphasis on avoiding conflict. The system uses simple, reflexive movements that are proven to work under stress.  Train with us and learn skills for avoiding conflict. You will also learn to fight standing and on the ground. We believe Krav Maga is an excellent solution for women and men.

How about women only classes?

Women’s self defence involves training to cope with being at a disadvantage under pressure. You should expect disadvantages of size, strength, initiative, position and weaponry. Predatory attacks are cowardly and there is no chivalry in street violence.

We believe everybody needs training and skills tailored to their size, shape and mindset. Good self defence mustn’t be patronising, poorly tested or over optimistic. We suggest this is best achieved in mixed groups with support from other women.

We are committed to equal opportunity Krav Maga

By all means train with a woman friend. If you have any questions or want any help getting started shout. We think training Krav Maga will bring you joy and confidence. 

Train with us and we promise to treat you with care, consideration and respect. Regardless of your age, gender identity, size shape, religion or experience you are welcome at Kinetic Zen.