Womens Self Defence

Kickstart your self protection skills

Womens self defence workshop

By popular demand our female coaches and guest instructors  have put together a focused womens self defence workshop using their favourite Krav Maga solutions.

It does not matter whether you have been training for a while or just started. All skill levels welcome.

Our fabulous aspiring coach Sarah and select friends and mentors will be showing you how to take your martial arts and self defence journey to the next level.

The womens self defence workshop will be Sunday April 16th in our usual Finsbury leisure centre venue. It’s free to existing regular members or £20 to non members.

All our classes are run from a dedicated sports and leisure facility within easy walking distance of Angel, Old street, Farringdon and Moorgate stations.

Build confidence in yourself and your abilities

Self-defence isn’t about overpowering your opponents – it’s about empowering yourself and having the confidence you need to protect yourself if necessary. At this workshop, participants will learn techniques to help them build confidence in their own abilities and trust that they can handle any situation that come their way. This includes verbal commands, distracting techniques and how to create an imposing physical presence.

Learn to Understand Attacker Behaviour, Awareness and Pre-emption Techniques.

Krav Maga as a system believes in avoiding and anticipating threats before they occur. Knowing how to pre-empt an attack with techniques such as disarmament, removing yourself from a situation, or using your environment as an asset are all invaluable tools in self-defence. Understanding the psychology of an attacker and knowing their weakness can be extremely beneficial in managing any aggressive behaviour directed towards you.