Krav Maga classes in central London

Whether you want to learn to fight like a movie star, feel a bit more confident walking around London or just get fit and have fun we can help. How can you get started learning Krav Maga in Islington central London? How much does training Krav Maga cost? What can we do for you and when do you want to start? Don’t see what you are looking for in our full list of Krav Maga Islington classes? Please Ask

Unlimited Membership

£ 74 per Month
  • Unlimited classes
  • Goal Planning
  • Kit discount
  • No booking required

These prices are valid from April 2023 

Krav Maga club news

Alan Predolin London

End October our shiny new t shirts arrive.  Made by the lovely Teemill in their environmentally sound manufacturing process using soft organic cotton. (not mandatory for class ever but we kinda hope you will want one)

New t shirt design

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What does it cost to train Krav Maga

Our simple straightforward Krav Maga pricing above includes everything you need to get started including a free gum shield.  You can wear any clothes you are comfortable training in and there is no obligation to buy our (admittedly rather fetching) kit. Train a few times a week for a month and you will notice the difference in your skills and confidence.  Why not book a try out class ?

Krav Maga Rashguard
Krav Maga Islington classes

What self defence and martial arts classes do we teach?

Our focus is squarely on making self defence classes as welcoming, fun and efficiently delivered as possible. Our instructors are highly  trained (with 360 Krav Maga and Krav Maga Israel) but unlike a lot of other places we are not obsessed with paramilitary experience and commando style posing. Our students learn Krav Maga because it is a really great system for turning ordinary people into badasses with the confidence to look after themselves and others as quickly and painlessly as possible.

For kids and for some recreational martial arts we also train Judo and BJJ because they can be fun too, even if in a pure self defence context their rules can make them impractical.  There is no pressure to compete but for the few that enjoy it, we do occasionally take small teams to events and tournaments.

If you would like to read about the difference between martial arts, combat sport and self defence we will cover that elsewhere.

BJJ - Grappling fundamentals
Krav fundamentals (double class)
Krav intermediate
BJJ - Grappling fundamentals
Krav fundamentals
Krav striking skills (lvl2)
Krav advanced
Krav groundlab (double class)

Krav Maga Islington classes

We run most of our Krav Maga Islington classes out of a nice big training studio near old street station. Trial/induction lessons run twice a month but if you are in a tearing hurry get in touch and we will do our best to help. Everybody deserves great self defence. Below are some of the services we offer:

Workshops & events

Want a deep dive on something specific? A scenario or technical innovation you would like to focus on? Redman, Sensory reduction,

Corporate and workplace

Need the training to come to you in your office coffee or lunch break? Team building at high speed with some tactical movement thrown in?

Kids martial arts

Our kids programme focuses on small groups of young people who want to learn in safe and supportive environment. Krav Maga and carefully curated mixed martial arts experience including Judo and JiuJitsu

All Krav Maga instructors are registered with 360 Krav Maga and are insured through British Martial Arts and Boxing

Krav Maga Islington classes location:

Finsbury Krav Maga class
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Most of our Krav Maga Islington classes run out of a nice big room upstairs at Finsbury Leisure Centre, Norman St, London EC1V 3PU.

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