Children's Martial Arts

Children's martial arts

Our next intake for Children’s Martial Arts classes starts in January 2023. Get in touch to book. 

More details on the Childrens BJJ class 

Small scale focused junior coaching

Martial arts for kids should be fun, educational and taught in a safe and respectful environment.  My young person loves mixed martial arts classes and we believe that strength, resilience, self control and coordination all benefit from regular training. We teach a mixture of Krav Maga, Jiu Jitsu and Judo in small focused and age appropriate classes. To ensure that every person receives the coaching that suits their learning style and educational needs, numbers are strictly limited at the moment.  Drop us a line if you would like to be on the waiting list.  

Safety for children's martial arts

Of course we have done the obvious stuff like make sure all our instructors are qualified and DBS checked. And of course we only hire people who are passionate about both teaching and communicating with kids.

We don’t teach our younger kids striking and we don’t believe children should be learning how to hit other kids in the head. Firstly the evidence is really mounting that brain injuries from contact sport are much more common and much more insidious than previously understood. Secondly if your child does need to defend themselves wouldn’t you rather they were able to do it without injuring another child?